“Sgombero Cantine” offers one-off pieces, handmade in Italy.

Vintage style clothes, reintrepreted and redesigned through modern eyes. Definitely unusual fashion pieces that are easy to wear at the same time, to outline an everyday, unisex, comfortable and refined look.

A brand made of out of the ordinary accessories, thinking out of the box, with no sense of continuity.

Picture yourself standing in front an old trunk that someone left in the attic of your grandparents\' house, sorroundend by warm memories and feelings.
“Sgombero Cantine” feels like the moment you open that trunk, finding any kinds of stunning and funny clothes and accessories, wishing to be reinterpreted, ready for a new life.


“Sgombero Cantine” embodies an art noveau, floral and flexible style, going against excessively rigid and standardized canons. A modern reinterpretation of art nouveau, with soft-coloured and fluidly shaped floral decorations. A style for any occasions.


"Just a painter painting dreams, a writer writing songs...and more. This “more” is to be found in our grandmas\' wardrobes, abandoned attics, flea markets all over the world, like the Turin\'s one, named “Baloon”.

Sweet memories, since the stories always leave an indelible mark in our memory. Therefore, the fashion world resambles a multicoloured set design on the quest for legends, myths, cultural currents that are being overwhelmed and taken to extremes though, unable to warm your heart..

Sgombero Cantine Moda brings back to life old memories and reignite emotions that seemed to have faded away, just like a small suburban puppet theatre does.\" (Antonio Bruson)

A new story of Passion and Creativity.

“Sgombero Cantine” is a brand blending research and influences that thrives in and draws inspiration from travels, folk clothing and craftmen\'s textile culture, a contagious culture that is shone with the engravers\', weavers\' and creators\' restless passions. In other words, dreamers\' culture, the one belonging to brave souls searching for the charm, the history and the warmth embedded in a handmade garment.