Antonio was born in Venice in 1961.

Outlining the profile of a dreamer is not that easy.
His childhood, and this comes out immediately by looking into his light blue eye, was totally embedded in the craftmanship culture of the artisans who would live and work in the wherabouts of where he dwelt.

Glass, laces, Carnival masks, wood, anything could be processes and this fact intrigued him and followed him along his evolution.
At the age of 21, he was one of the youngest researchers in DENIM/JEANS material and, specifically, his investigations regarded how this garment is developed - weights, weaving techniques, washing, final finishing.
When he was 28, was pinpointed as one of the most important PRODUCT MAN in the textile industry and started travelling between EUROPE and ASIA, on the quest for the “sense” of the second hand/vintage clothing, as a cultural element to fit into the collections of important Design brands.

However, he travelled to India for the first time just in 1997. That very travel puzzled him and stroke him hard at the same time. This is mainly due to all the craftsmen and embroiderers he saw working in the outskirts of big cities such as KOLKATA and NEW DELHI...his tales are all about astonished elderly and children who'd stare at him while he was taking picture of anything he had to remember with his Polaroid camera, and then sorround him to see the “miracle” of his instant camera.

No need underlining that love and passion are still part of him and enlighten his creativity.

His recently-built background, in collaboration with the artisans he met in his working life, has always been with him up to the day his first brand was born: SGOMBERO CANTINE, that CAMERUCCI SRL supported enthusiastically, because of the added value that the product embeds. Antonio, still CURIOUS and target-oriented, combines tradition, craftmanship and fashion in every single production of his.

The signature sign of his creations is a little doll, not just any little doll, but a Russian Matryoshka dressed in Bolivian clothes, with the traditional Indian wedding colours. At first sight, this mixture may be found misleading but it also proves Antonio's will to combine the many faces of the world as one – a world gathering colours, smells, people, stories and tales together. Just like a SMALL .